I get this question a lot:

“Charlie, do you use AI when you ghostwrite for your clients?”

In this edition of Digital Rebels I’ll spill the beans 🫘

But first…

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So let’s talk AI.

Do I use it?

Short answer: Yes
Longer answer: It’s complicated…

You see some ghostwriters (the shit ones) use AI exclusively.

And it shows in their clients content.

It’s boring, bland, and sounds like it was written by your 6th grade English teacher.

But why is that?

The one thing AI lacks is the human touch, obviously…

What I mean by that specifically is that it’s almost too perfect.

Humans are flawed by nature.

So the way we write is also flawed.

I don’t write with perfect grammar or spelling.

This tweet from Monday is a perfect example:

Even though there were two glaring errors.

✨ No one cared…

Because it shows personality, and that I’m not actually a robot person with a black and white face.

So how do I use AI then?

For me the most valuable way to use AI tools like ChatGPT is for ideation and research.

I use ChatGPT like a PA.

Finding me interesting topics to write about for clients, even if I’m not an expert in their industry.

I then get it to research the chosen topic, so I can build the outline of a thread.

The best way to write for someone else is to use interesting or actionable topics.

Then use your client’s experiences as the vehicle to explain them with context.

So here’s my little takeaway from this newsletter:

Use AI to help you write.

But don’t let it write for you.

And grammar mistakes aren’t a bad thing.

They make you human.

Next week I’ll be writing this newsletter from sunny Italy.

So there’s 50/50 chance it’ll be awesome, or completely unhinged because I’ll be drinking Peroni’s all day.

Only time will tell…

Mamma Mia,

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