“Hey Charlie, I spoke to your manager and you can have gardening leave. Drop your laptop off tomorrow”.

That’s all I got after 6 years working to mental exhaustion in the corporate world…

A short thank you, a handshake, and 5 weeks to work out how the hell I was going to replace my £40k salary (or lose my house).

I’d never been self-employed. I’d made a bit of money on the side here and there, but nothing substantial.

In this edition of Digital Rebels, you’ll find out how I did it…

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I’m not going to lie, I was shitting myself.

But I did have one valuable asset up my sleeve that could help out.

Over the previous 2 months I’d been slowly building a Twitter account with the hopes that one day, I’d quit my job to make money there full time.

Well that plan had to change slightly…

It was now or never, and I had to get things moving quickly. So I did what I thought made the most sense, and reverse engineered how the top Twitter ghostwriters were getting so many clients.

THAT was how I was going to pay my bills. Ghostwriting.

I devised a three phase plan to get my first client:

Phase 1 – Grow, and grow fast!

My competition wasn’t the 100k+ accounts making $40k/month. It was other smaller accounts trying to get their first client.

How do you stand out from the 100s of other ghostwriters under 1,000 followers?

Get above 1,000 followers.

I know I know, hardly a game changing idea. But while they were struggling to win clients by sending 100s of DMs a day. I was building a larger following so I’d attract clients with inbound.

So I started studying how to grow and realised the fastest way to get to 1,000 was high quality autoDM giveaways. They were still relatively new so performed MUCH better than now.

To turn that traffic into clients I started on phase 2.

Phase 2 – Build a sexy landing page

Okay so my landing page was dreadful compared to now. I had no testimonials, no beautifully flowing copy. Just bits I’d ‘repurposed’ from other people’s pages.

Most people wait FAR too long before building a landing page with their offer. They’d rather watch the notification bell ping with new subscribers than spend 2 hours building an asset that could make them rich.

All I had on that landing page was:

  • Headline with my offer
  • A disqualifier section
  • Button to book a call with me

That was a good start. But without anyone seeing that page, I’d earn diddly squat.

Phase 3 – Make friends (and influence people)

I got my first paid client quite quickly. Not from my landing page, but from someone recommending me.

At last… I had a lifeline.

That client was a legend. They knew I was new and I’d have to learn to ghostwrite on the job.

A great position to be in for sure, but the pressure was real.

This is when client control comes into play. Luckily my corporate job was in recruitment, so I’d spent the better part of 6 years winning and managing clients. I knew a thing or two about keeping them happy.

I’m happy to say that particular client is still working with me today and is one of my most valued.

So what are your takeaways from this little story?

Growth is super important when you’re first starting out. Few people will take you seriously until you’ve got a 4 figure following. It’s not impossible, but it’s much harder.

You also need a landing page up from day one. You NEVER know who’s looking at your content.

Finally, networking is the true secret to Twitter. The more friends you have, the easier it’ll be to grow, make money, and generally have more fun.

Because what’s the point in building your own business if you’re not enjoying the process.

Keep being awesome,


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