I recently had a client land a $250k deal from LinkedIn.

Now I have to say, that’s not an average result.

But the system we used to nurture the client is the same regardless of what level you’re at.

The best thing?

It’s dead simple.

Ever since I started in sales back in 2017, my thought process has always been the same.

The quicker I can get a client on a discovery call…

The more likely I am to get the sale.

So when I started my personal branding business in 2022, I took the same approach.

Content -> frictionless funnel (and qualification) -> discovery call -> $$$

Your dream clients are usually busy people.

Running businesses, on constant calls…

They don’t have the time to wait for your 10-step newsletter sequence to finish.

Instead, they want to know:

  1. Can you solve their problem
  2. When can you start

This is where frictionless funnels come in…

I’ve put together a free micro-course to help you get more leads from your personal brand, and frictionless funnels is one of the modules.

Here’s the link if you’re interested:


Happy lead hunting,