There’s two types of X creator.

Those who think inbound leads are king.

And those who are in denial.

When I started my business in January I sent a few cold DMs.

I was completely ignored.

Only when I started doing the things listed in this email, did I start to make serious money.

Here’s the truth most new creators don’t realise:

You don’t need 10k followers to get clients.

In fact my first client came when I had 400 and my second at 800.

But for my first two months on X (Twitter at the time) I made $0.

So what changed?

Two things…

1. My content

2. My funnel

Let’s dive deeper:

Content – I started proving my expertise

Followers and engagement are great for social proof.

But that doesn’t get you clients.

Use your content as an opportunity to show potential clients how good you are at whatever you offer.

There’s 3 ways to do that:

• Case studies
• Hand raisers
• Actionable advice

I’ve had hand raiser posts that have made me over $20k from the clients they attracted.

From a simple “Here’s some results I got for another client, want me to do it for you too?” post.

The more you write these kinds of posts.

The easier you’ll find it to get clients.

It adds up.

Funnel – Improving my website

I’ve always liked simple funnels.

Mine is:

content -> profile -> website -> booked call

Simple and easy.

It limits moving parts making it easier to optimise each piece.

My content had improved.

My profile clearly showed what I did.

Now I just had to make my website convert more readers to potential clients.

The simplest way to do this is my adding tons of social proof and testimonials.

Like your content, you’re showing people why you’re trustworthy, and why you are the best person for the job.

More testimonials = more leads.

It’s as simple as that.

So there’s a couple of things for you to do this week.

If you have any requests, email me what you’d like to learn and I’ll try my best to incorporate it into the newsletter.

But that’s it for now.

Enjoy your weekend,


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