I had a consulting call last week with a creator on X.

He was struggling to get inbound leads meaning he was relying entirely on outbound DMs.

And he was burning out… fast.

Within 2 mins I could see what he was doing wrong.

And it’s a mistake I see tons of creators make…

So what was the problem?

Obsession with high engagement.

His timeline:

Post about his business

You get the picture…

The truth is, likes make you feel good, but they don’t equate to leads.

And this guy had fallen into that trap.

The only way to get consistent inbound leads is to share your wins:

• Case studies
• Testimonials

They’re like throwing meat into a pool of piranhas.

Clients go mad for it.

So if getting tons of engagement is your goal, then ignore everything I’ve just said.

But if you want to make money from your audience.

Don’t make this mistake.

That’s all for today

Your lead farming friend,