Elon’s cooking.

And it’s smelling gooood.

I think X could become the number 1 platform for creators.

So I’m going all in.

In this email I’ll show why you should too.

But first…

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So there’s been a ton going on around X recently.

And I for one am excited af.

I remember when YouTube added monetisation.

There was some excitement at first, but it wasn’t until people started making serious money that everyone took note.

And now the phrase “Youtube Money” is well known.

Give it 1-2 years and we’ll see “X millionaires” driving Lambos.

Mark my words.

And Money X is the place to be for one important reason…

High CPM’s.

CPM = Cost per thousand views.

It’s the metric most advertisers use to price impressions.

And on YouTube it’s highest on finance and business niches.

We’re talking $10-20 per 1000 views sometimes.

So even if X get’s to 1/10th of that.

You’re still able to make some big money just by posting.

There’s never been a better time to create on X.

So keep posting.

Keep grinding.

And I’ll see you in next week’s email.

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