8 months ago I had a problem.

All the advice online was to learn a skill and monetise it.

But I was stuck.

I didn’t have any specific skills, and I was clueless where to start.

That was until I found Ghostwriting.

You see ghostwriting has an edge over other digital businesses.

Your client gets money through clients (and therefore a positive ROI).

AND they get influence and clout.

Which is often what they’re really after (they just won’t tell you that).

So you’re providing a service that gives them two huge benefits.

What does that mean?

You can charge big bucks…

But there’s a problem.

Most ‘ghostwriters’ suck.

So they give everyone else a bad name.

For some this is a risk.

For me it’s an opportunity.

Getting new clients is easy when you’ve got provable results and have kick ass testimonials.

Reaching a point where you’ve got that though is the hard part.

So if you’re thinking about starting ghostwriting here’s my top pieces of advice:

  1. Differentiate yourself as much as possible
  2. Don’t over offer results you can’t deliver (you’ll kill your reputation)
  3. Start cheap and increase your prices with every new client
  4. The more time you spend speaking to your client, the better you’ll be able to emulate them

Ghostwriting is 90% delivering results, and 10% talking about them to get more clients.

I could go on forever about ghostwriting but you’ve got to go and enjoy your weekend.

So do me a favor…

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But that’s all for now.

Have an awesome weekend and I’ll see you next week for a value packed email on getting clients from Twitter (X)

Peace out ✌️


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