[Resent because apparently I can’t use ConvertKit properly…]

Viral posts are dumb.

Sure they’re a nice ol’ ego massage.

An opportunity to pat yourself on the back for getting 1,000 likes.

But if you wanna bring yourself back down to earth. Check your bank balance after.

Virality doesn’t pay the bills.

That’s the honest truth of it.

You’ll get some new followers but that’s it.

No sales.

No new clients.


If you hate money they stop reading.

But if you’re a money enjoyer… here’s what to do instead:

Step 1) Get yourself a nice client case study
Step 2) Talk about how you got your client those results
Step 3) Add a call to action and direct people to your landing page
Step 4) Profit

Seems stupidly simple.

Because it is…

But it works. And that’s the key thing here.

It might not be pretty but it’ll put money in your account.

And why else are we on Money X if not to make money right?

So stop trying to go viral and start talking about your wins instead.

Trust me…

The ego boost from making 5-figures a month is better than from a few viral posts.