When I was 11 I learned to scuba dive.

Not in the bright blue waters of the Caribbean.

But in a murky, freezing cold lake in the south of England.

It wasn’t my idea. In fact I hated diving in the UK. But there was one key reason why I chose to learn there instead of the calm emerald waters and sandy beaches.

Because I learned the hard way in the UK. When I went diving in Egypt or the Caribbean, it was 100x easier.


What does this have to do with LinkedIn?

I’m sure you’ve heard by now or experienced first hand how disgustingly hard it is to grow on X right now.

Is it your content? Is it the algorithm?

The honest answer: it’s probably both.

Since the creator side of X blew up over the last 12 months, what we consider ‘value’ has changed considerably.

It used to be that you could post a simple “how I did XYZ” thread and you’d get 100 followers.

But now?


How about over on LinkedIn?

In my opinion, it’s is about to go through the next big creator growth phase.

Currently there are a handful of big influencers who own the space, but generally speaking there’s MUCH less competition than on X.

And the amount of ‘value’ posts?

Waaaay lower.

So much lower that you can post genuinely helpful content and people love it.

That’s much more fun than trying to write clickbait rubbish or having super out there opinions to catch attention.

So if you want to capitalise on the LinkedIn craze before it gets jam packed with people, here’s what to do:

  1. Dig up your old threads and turn them into carousels
  2. Repost X longforms straight onto LinkedIn
  3. Use Tweetpik to turn your best performing singles into nice images, then add some blurb to elaborate more.

That’s literally my entire strategy.

And I’ve added 300 new followers in 4 days.

PLUS those followers are far more engaging, and we’re having some great messages in the DMs.

Whether you like LinkedIn or not…

There’s literally no downside to cross posting your content and getting more eyes.

Distribution is the name of the game when you’re a creator, so make your life easier and spread yourself across new platforms.

Lastly, if you want to join me over on the ‘dark side’…

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Talk soon,


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