Most people are throwing away revenue…

Have you heard this line before? — “Write content that solves your audiences problems”

Just one issue…

You’re giving them the damn solution.

And sure, if you’re just writing online for the love of it then go right ahead.

But if you’re like me and this is a business for you, you’ve gotta be a bit smarter with it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve fallen into this trap too. A lot in fact.

But once I changed my focus from teaching, to educating, my revenue shot up.

Think about it…

If you tell someone the solution, they have two options:

  1. Do it themselves
  2. Pay you to do it for them

Most of the time, people will elect to work it out themselves.

And if later down the line they decide to hire someone, there’s a decent chance they’ll hire one of your competitors instead.

But when you educate people about their problem and charge for the solution, you get a different outcome. You have their attention, and if you can give them the solution quickly, you’ll often get a sale.

Here’s an example:

Solution: Use this exact DM script to increase your open rates and get more clients as a result.

Educate: Most people have terrible open rates on their outreach which is destroying their lead gen.

You’re giving them the problem.

Now it’s time to offer the solution…

Here’s the DM script that increased my conversion rate by 50% and made me an extra $15k/mo — only $49”

If you just give the solution away, you’re throwing away revenue.

And this works for high-ticket services too.

It’s a simple re-frame that has big implications on your income.

Hope this helps!

— Charlie