It’s Wednesday morning, 8.10am.

I’m placing my ball carefully on the little wooden tee when this older guy walks towards me.

“My partner didn’t turn up. Can I join you?” he asks.

Oh god… here we go.

‘Yes of course mate’ I replied.

I didn’t want to play with him but I also didn’t want to be rude.

(I am English after all)

It was supposed to be a father-son game with my dad.

But our new friend put a stop to that.

His name was Roland and he’d been playing Golf for 64 years.


Let’s see what he’s got.

First hole: Bogey

Second hole: Par

Third hole: Par

In my head I’m thinking ‘okay what the fuck…’

But instead of getting frustrated I asked for his help.

And Roland proceeded to give the best Golf lesson I’ve ever had.

At every hole he knew:

  • The best way to play
  • How the greens sloped
  • What club to use and when

It was like having your own guide teaching you all the secrets people spend years learning.

What I couldn’t understand is why he was telling me everything for free.

Giving away his secret sauce.

But then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

It’s just like X…

He was sharing his knowledge with me for free.

And it made me want to get to know him better.

If he was an X creator he had hooked me in.

And I wanted more.

I paid him back after our round with a nice cold pint of Cider (his favourite drink).

And listened to him tell stories about his life for an hour.

He’d hit me with the double whammy.

1) Actionable advice
2) Personality

Roland was a natural.

So here’s your takeaway.

If you’re ever doubting the advice experienced creators give you.

Take a second and try it out before you make a judgement call.

You might just learn something.