This morning I woke up groggy, nursing a nasty hangover (I’m getting old, okay?).

You see, last night I went to see AC/DC in London.

Absolutely mind blowing show…

(apart from spending £9 for a pint of beer)

And although they’ve been touring for almost 45 years, AC/DC still have a totally unique sound that no-other band has truly matched.

It’s that originality that today’s email is about.

Because as I scroll down the timeline, all I’m seeing is:

  • ‘Viral’ templates
  • Rehashed content
  • Video threads blowing smoke up the ass of some random celebrity.

There’s no originality.

Most people sound the same, and as a result…

No-one is growing.

Sure it’s easy to blame the algorithm, but in reality, mostly because the content quality has dropped through the floor.

In yesterday’s email I asked you whether you’d be interested in a short, actionable course that would show you how to:

  • Create better content than 95% of other people, in half the time
  • Get more engagement than people with audiences 10x your size
  • Write with your own unique voice, and build a reputation of authenticity
  • Grow your following faster than ever (when everyone’s moaning about the algo)
  • Attract a high-quality audience of buyers instead of a bloated audience full of bots

And the answer was a resounding YES!

So that’s what I’m going to do.

It’ll be launching in the next few weeks, at a limited time price of $79.

After which, it’ll go up to $147

If you want to snag a copy at the launch price, make sure to click the button below so you don’t miss out.

(clicking will take you to my X page, I need to add a link to make the segmentation work)

That’s all for today,