I had big dreams for 2023 and it hasn’t disappointed.

But for 2024 I’m going even bigger.

$10k/month is nice.

But $40k/month is nicer.

And that’s the target I’m setting my sights on.

I’ll spare you the self aggrandising bullsh*t.

Here’s how I’m gonna do it:

1. Focus super hard on the things that make me the most money

One of my biggest boo-boo’s of 2023 has been wanting to do everything.

Not because I didn’t enjoy what I was already doing.

But because I just love finding new ways to monetise.

Unfortunately that distracts from the things that are making you money.

And they then start to suffer.

Not good…

So I’m all in on my high-end personal branding agency which I’ve been building quietly in the shadows with a new partner.

We’re working with a number of Nasdaq listed founders already and are growing fast.

I’m also enjoying my 1-to-1 coaching helping creators get more clients and build their own digital businesses.

Once the agency is stable at a decent income level I’ll release a digital product.

But that’s a little way off yet.

2. Systemise everything I can

Another thing that slowed my progress.

Once you start to bring on more clients your time starts to get a bit thin.

This is why it’s damn near essential to systemise your life.

• Content production
• Business admin
• Priorities

Yes you might have to be a bit selfish and say no to stuff.

But that’s the only way it’ll be manageable past a certain point.

3. Be brutal with protecting my time

The reality of growing on social media is lots more people want to get to know you.

Don’t get me wrong I’m always up for a chat.

(As long as it’s not “hey how’s business”. You can do better than that…)

But to build what I want I’ll need to keep my productive hours high.

That’s something I struggle with having ADHD.

So don’t be afraid to say no if it’s not going to:

• Get you closer to your goals
• Be something fun and enjoyable

So those are my top learning points from this year.

I’ve managed to avoid getting a “real job” again which is wicked.

But to go to the next level we’ve gotta step it up.

I hope you’ll join me on that mission 🤝

Talk tomorrow,