When I started on X my goal was to quit my job.

I didn’t need $10k months to do that. All I needed was about $3k to cover my mortgage and expenses.

So today’s email is a break away from the goo-roo nonsense I see most days on X.

I’m gonna give you a practical run down of how to make $3k/month from writing online (even if you’re working a full time job).

Let’s get into it…

First you need to understand the two pillars of making money online.

1) Your offer

2) Traffic

Yup that’s it. Pretty simple really.

An offer to sell and traffic to generate leads and sales.

What should you offer?

The $100M question…

I’ll give you the simple advice I was given when I first started. Pick something that you enjoy, can make you a ton of money, and is scalable with systems.

Some examples:

• Ghostwriting

• Email marketing

• Engagement agency (yes, that’s a thing)

The key similarity between all three is you can charge a good chunk of money for them.

I personally charge between $3k-$5k for ghostwriting per month because I can back my prices up with results.

Plus I can leverage systems and freelancers to increase my output, and therefore income.

Finding the right offer to pick feels daunting. I know, I’ve been there.

My biggest piece of advice; don’t overthink it.

You can always pivot later on if you don’t enjoy it, but it’s better to start than be paralysed by analysis.

One last tip: charge more than you are comfortable with. I nearly quoted my first ghostwriting client $500/month but last minute changed that to $1,500/month. They agreed without a second thought.

Don’t undersell yourself. 2 clients at $1,500 is much better than 6 at $500.

How do I get traffic?

Three ways I’m gonna touch on here:

• Direct from X

• Lead magnets

• Building email list

Starting with direct from X, it’s simple and quick, but doesn’t have the best conversion rate. You’re casting a wide net hoping to snare a few fish.

If you’re going to do this way, write ‘how-to’ longforms solving the specific problems your average customer has.

Then post weekly hand-rasier posts (e.g. I got client XYZ result, DM me if you want XYZ result too). I’ve made up to $20k from some of these hand raisers. They’re simple af to do, but they work, so don’t forget them.

Next we’ve got lead magnets. These used to be a whole lot more effective before everyone’s favourite $100M bearded genius released a book on the subject.

Lead magnets should solve one step for the reader.


Ghostwriting client = “How to set your profile up to convert better”

Email marketing = “The best abandoned cart email flow”

Engagement = “How to write more comments in less time”

They nudge the reader along the results process, but don’t give them everything they need to succeed – that’s what you sell them.

Lastly we’ve got email lists. You’ll see people talk about the importance of building email lists but until you have an algo crash like we’ve had recently, you won’t fully appreciate the reasons why.

If you’re reading this then you’ve consciously given me your email address and want to learn from me.

That’s a powerful position to be in (and not one I take lightly). It means I can talk about my offers as long as I’m providing you with value in return.

But what it also means is I have a direct line into your inbox every time I post instead of playing algorithm roulette 3 times a day.

As long as you’re providing value and entertainment for your reader, email is THE best place to find leads.

And it’s relatively easy to grow with giveaways and lead magnets.

So with that said…

Most people struggle to make a single dollar online. I scaled to $100k in 8 months.

I’m now opening up a limited number of coaching call slots to help people grow their digital business faster, and help them avoid the many mistakes I made along the way. Bookings can be made here: https://charliebennett.ck.page/products/coaching

(I’m taking a maximum of 5 calls before I shut the offer until January)

Thank you for reading, I’ll catch you next time!