Houston we have a problem.

Money X is in bad shape and it’s time we talked about it.

If we zoom back 12 months when I first started writing on Twitter there were three clear groups of Money Twitter accounts:

1) The Experts – people who had actually done stuff worth talking about
2) The Memers – the clowns of the platform
3) The Wannabes – the guys who wanted to be an expert but we’re still learning

I was number 3.

A total wannabe.

And that wasn’t a problem. You had to earn your stripes back to stand above the rest as an expert.

But that’s all changed.

Now Money X looks like this:

1) The Experts – people who have actually done stuff worth talking about
2) Fake Experts – newbies who have no experience but pretend they do

Why is this a problem you’re asking…

Let me explain…

When everyone thinks they’re an expert. The real experts get tarred with the same brush as the amateurs.

It makes their businesses harder.

They get disillusioned.

They quit.

And all we’re left with is newbies teaching other newbies how to teach other newbies.

AKA. A pyramid scheme.

So that’s all very depressing I know. But I have a solution…

Here’s how you stand out above the clowns.

And show yourself as the expert you are:

Videos baby

Nope I’m not suggesting you do TikTok dances on X. But jump on the camera and share your thoughts.

It helps in two ways:

• Your audience starts to read your content in your voice

• You can show them how you really know your shit. Only experts can vocalise ideas in a quick way


This is already fairly well known. But jumping on spaces is a total growth hack.

One of my coaching clients last week hopped in a Space and gained 20 followers in 30 mins.


We just optimised their profile and pinned post so everyone who looked decided to follow.

We’re in the “personality era” so show people who you are.

Not just with quirky platitude posts.

But actionable advice with your own experiences as the lesson.

Get real with your audience.

It’s more fun AND more rewarding.

That’s all for now.

Growth guru hater,