In the last week my growth has increased 3-4x.


I brought things back to basics.

We’re all taught to engage with other people to grow your own account.

But the truth is…

I stopped doing that a few months ago.

My business got too busy and I neglected my own brand.

It’s easy to get complacent when you grow.

10k followers might feel like a lot when you’re at 1k.

But you get there and realise you’re still a small account.

So I’ve made it my mission to fix that.

And the results have been mental.

Here’s my strategy:

Step 1.

Create two lists. One for accounts over 10k, and the other for accounts under 10k. You want these accounts to be in or related to your niche and the most important part, they need to be growing fast and highly engaged.

Step 2.

Get yourself set up with Tweetdeck.

For most people this is old news.

But I was slow to the party, like when your grandparents got Facebook.

Step 3.

Set up your lists and add filters.

I remove retweets, replies, and QRTs.

So all I get are the actual tweets I want to engage with.
It’s stupidly simple, but feels like a bit of a hack.

Step 4.

Engage like a beast.

I set aside 10-15 mins every few hours and catch up with everyone on my list.

Not just writing any old crap.
But either adding my own insights to the original post, or writing something funny / a stupid meme.

I’ve got back to 50+ new followers a day.

And that’s without posting any threads.

My DMs are full of new people saying hi.

My coaching business has 3 new clients.

And I’ve had 4 massive Money Twitter accounts follow me (about time 👀).

So here’s the lesson:

The more you give, the more you get.

And you have to put positive vibes out there for people to want to engage with you back.

Once you’re engaging with them, they’ll engage back.

And you both grow as a result.

So make some friends on X and your growth will be nuts.

Happy X-ing