There’s two types of personal brands…

One that’s built fast and hard with giveaways, clickbait threads and other nefarious tactics.

And the other where you build at a steady pace, but with a focus on trust and authority.

Take a wild guess at which tactic builds an audience of buyers…

If you guessed the second—gold star for you.

I’m seeing a dumb trend at the moment all over my timeline.

And it’s time we talked about it…

This kind of crap.

And if you’re a LinkedIn lover, don’t zone out just yet.

Because this sort of stuff is all over LinkedIn too.

It’s called borrowed credibility content.

And it’s insane for packing on followers.

Trust me… I’ve used it myself:

That’s right… I’m no saint.

But just take a look at those stats and you’ll see why people are doing it.

This thread took me literally 10 minutes to put together and got me:

  • Approx 2,000 followers

Impressive right?

But that’s not the end of the story…

Of those 2,000 followers, many of them were low quality accounts.

And over the last year, since I posted that, I’ve likely lost all 2,000 from bot purges.

What’s more… I made precisely $0 from it.

Literally nothing.

I’ll happily say, the post was pointless, and only held me back.

I was building the wrong type of audience, and it’s a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way.

When I first started writing online, I gained momentum very fast.

And got a ton of clients in the process.


One reason… Everything I posted was valuable, insightful, and aimed at building trust with my audience.

And clients really responded to it.

They saw I clearly knew my sh*t.

And when the alternatives were ghostwriters posting threads about “10 website’s that should be illegal”.

Hiring the guy who didn’t look like a mouth breather wasn’t a hard choice.

This is a lesson I instill in my coaching clients.

Because it’s so easy to fall into the trap of chasing engagement, gaining tons of followers, but earning f*ck all.

And as fun as it might be in the moment.

When you need to pay the mortgage, they don’t accept engagement as a form of payment.

My advice?

Play your own game.

Don’t chase follower targets.

Instead, chase income targets.

Because when you do that:

  • You build an audience of buyers
  • You make more money (obviously)
  • You can flex those lovely Stripe screenshots (Joking… kinda)

Much better…

If you enjoyed today’s email, let me know.

And remember… Leads not likes.

I’ll speak to you soon,