What’s the one thing that kills more business deals than anything else?

I’ll tell you…

It’s losing momentum.

When I worked in recruitment, they tattooed a mantra into my brain:

“Time kills all deals”

I saw it play out hundreds of times.

A lead would come in and a newbie salesman would sit on it for a day or two.

Then when they eventually called the lead back, they’d already hired someone else.

Speed matters.

I see the same thing with service business on LinkedIn & X.

Except it’s not lazy people not calling the lead back.

It’s overly complicated funnels making the prospect give up.

Put yourself in their shoes…

You have a problem.

You want to fix it fast.

You find someone who can fix your problem (they look perfect).

You try to book a call with them, but you can’t.

The only option is to join their newsletter.

“F*ck it, I’ll find someone else”…

All that hard work writing content to generate leads, only to lose the client because your funnel resembled a black hole.

The solution?

Frictionless funnels.

One step funnels where you qualify and gather all the information you need to close the prospect, while they’re booking the call.

And at the same time, not letting unqualified prospects book so you don’t waste your time.

Sounds good right?

If you haven’t checked it out already…

I’ve built a micro-course showing you how to set up your own frictionless funnel.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out.


(It’s free)

Have a great weekend,
Charlie “Maverick” Bennett