I got my clients 19 million views and 5,000 followers in 30 days.

Not from engaging for 327 hours a day.

Or half-assed giveaways.

It was from this one specific type of long form post.

This didn’t just work once.

I used the same thread format about 10 times with the same results.

Now obviously I’m not going to out my client so I’ll use my own post as the example here.

But it’s the same principle/format so don’t cry about it.

Firstly you need to understand how the algo works on a high level.

X wants you to stay on the platform.

So logic would suggest: Longer view time = pushed more in the algo

But how do you get people watching for longer?

And how do you get millions of views on a post?

Step 1 – Eye catching image

First things first you need your post to be clicked. So pick an image that catches the eye. High contrast colours and smiling faces work best.

Step 2 – Make a bold statement in the hook

In this one I wrote “The worlds best content creator” and it worked exactly as planned. Some people agreed. Some people thought I was mental. And they all fought in the comments helping me go viral. Thanks guys <3

Step 3 – Videos baby

People are suckers for videos. They can’t help but click them. And if the video is interesting they’ll keep on watching until the end. If you view an X post for more than 2 mins it gets a heavy algo boost.

So make your videos more than 2 minutes.


Step 4 – Add your email list in the middle to farm subscribers

I got about 200 new signups each post I did like this. And the best thing is they all stuck around because it wasn’t from a garbage giveaway. You could add your product/service/whatever links and it’ll have the same effect.

So there you have it.

Here’s a screenshot of my clients analytics half way through that month so you don’t call me a raging liar.

You’ll just have to believe me about the other 7M views. I forgot to get the screenshot.

That’s all for now.