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Today we’re learning the 5-step process Justin Welsh uses to grow new one-person businesses.

He’s makes $100k from these business every month. Today you find out his strategy.

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Okay, so I didn’t fly to the USA to take a walk with Justin.

But what I did do was listen to an awesome podcast he did with Dan Koe, while walking 4 miles.

Is that clickbait? I don’t think so…

Either way, here’s what I learned from listening to their conversation. This stuff totally blew my mind.

Step 1: Work out who you like to spend time with

There’s no point building a business around helping a group of people you’re not interested in.

That sounds super obvious writing this, but this is a fundamental mistake people make all the time.

They chase money and end up forming a prison they can’t escape from. Not ideal…

So work out who you like talking to, and make sure they’re behind you in their journey. It doesn’t even have to be that long.

6 months – 2 years perhaps.

For this example I’ll use ghostwriters (because that’s what I know)

Step 2: Talk to them for free

Ask them what’s keeping them from achieving their goals.

It could be a number of things:

  • Don’t know how to get their first client
  • Struggle to write for multiple clients in different niches
  • Unsure how to ask for more money or scale with their rates

These are things I’ve been asked on calls exactly like this.

Free market research? Yes please.

Step 3: Create a service business

Congratulations, you’re now a coach.

You know their problems so it’s time to solve them. Some solutions will be super obvious, others you’ll have to hypothesise.

The point is, if you understand the main issues they’re having—they’ll pay you to solve them.

As you coach people, you’ll probably notice common solutions to regular problems. Time and time again you’ll be able to say “do this” and voila, problem solved.

Step 4: Productize the common solutions

It’s time to build leverage.

You’ll hopefully have tons of happy clients with super testimonials, and have a simple solution to solve their common problems.

Make it into a product, and price it so it’s an impulse purchase ($100-$150).

Now what about those coaching clients?

You raise your prices.

Step 5: Point people where you want

Someone wants to work with you but can’t afford it? Buy the product.

They want to use the product but don’t have the time to action it? Pay for high-ticket coaching.

You can now monetize at two levels:

  1. Low ticket impulse purchases
  2. High ticket coaching offer

That’s all for today. Hopefully you found this useful.

Everything I write is with the intention of helping you build your own creator business, which means I need your help too.

If you have any feedback for me, good or bad, I’d love to hear it—just respond to this email.

And with that in mind I’ll talk to you next Friday.

Enjoy the weekend!