There comes a time in a creator’s journey when they hit their follower goal.

“Yes! I have 10k followers” they say.

But when they open their banking app they’re met with nothing but dust and a few cobwebs.

It’s a common misconception that building a huge following guarantees you a high income.

In truth, some of the biggest accounts you follow are likely making VERRRRY little.

And that’s because they never made the switch from growth content, to lead gen content.

I even saw this myself.

When I first started writing online I had a singular goal: get as many followers as possible.

I thought it would be easier to get clients with more social proof.

But it wasn’t until I started writing lead gen content that my income blew up.

2 months later I was sitting at $15k MRR.

It completely blew my mind how simple the answer was.

The crazy thing?

So few people post this type of content.

There’s a huge opportunity out there, it’s your decision whether you want to seize it or not.

Happy lead hunting,