How can 280 characters make you $20,000?

In this edition of Digital Rebels I’ll break down how I did it, and why it works so well.

So yes… you read that right.

It seems a bit crazy but it’s completely possible.

And the best part?

You don’t have to be an expert at sales, or be a world class closer. In fact you don’t need to close at all.

So what am I talking about? They’re called ‘Hand raiser Tweets’. And they’re overpowered…

If you have to rely on closing people, it means they’re not completely convinced in your service, and there’s two reasons for that:

1) They don’t trust you
2) They don’t believe you can deliver

That’s a big problem…

But hand raiser tweets solve both.

By posing your client results you’re showing your audience that you’re trusted by others (solves reason 1) & can deliver results for them (solves reason 2).

Do you see?

One tweet gives you so much authority that you don’t need to sell.

When potential clients book a call with you they already know you can do the job. They just want to know if you’re a nice person.

So don’t be a jackass and you’ll do fine.

The more you send, the more clients you’ll get.

Don’t go mental with it…

Or you’ll annoy the hell outta people.

1-3 a week is fine.

That’s it for this week.

I’ve got a hot date with a beer and a sun lounger and I’m already late!!

Stay awesome,


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