“How do I pick a business to start”

That’s the question I was asked today by an experienced marketer who recently quit his job.

It took me back to when I first started my business.

There were almost too many options of offers I could build.

I thought about:

  • Email marketing
  • Sales page copywriting
  • Ghostwriting

I had some experience with all of them, although not enough to be called an expert.

Well 18 months down the road I’ve built a 6-figure ghostwriting business and coach entrepreneurs on how to maximise income from their personal brands.

Let me tell you… it wasn’t easy to pick a path.

So if I was starting over, here’s what I’d do.

Firstly, I’d pick a business model that gave a specific financial outcome for your client.

I’ll use ghostwriting as an example.

Most ghostwriters produce content that grows their clients’ accounts, but after 3-4 months of growth, if they’re not seeing a tangible return on their investment then they’ll quit on you.

They’re giving you money, but not getting anything back.

Compare that to a client of mine who has just landed a $250k deal which came about because they saw the content we wrote on their Linkedin.

Direct return on investment, because we focused on monetization, not just followers.

When a client gets returns like this, they stick around.

And although client acquisition is important. Client retention is what makes you rich.

So before you pick a business model.

Think about that first.

How can you make the client more money than they pay you?

Solve that, and you’ll never run out of clients.

Talk soon,