The number 1 problem my ghostwriting clients have — they don’t know HOW to create content.

Building a powerful brand is more than just writing any old stuff on social media.

It’s about the types of content you produce.

Or rather the problems you solve.

So here’s a little exercise I do with my clients to nail down their content direction in one simple call.

Step 1. Your ideal client

We start with the end goal. Who do they want reading their content?

Often it’ll be potential customers, clients, investors etc.

So we look at what those people want.

What are the things they struggle with the most?

Step 2. Turn those struggles into ‘how-to’ statements.

So “I don’t know how to grow my audience on X” becomes “how to grow your audience on X”.

The more problems you can find, the more how-to’s you get.

And the more problem solving content you can produce as a result.

Step 3. Write from your experiences.

The most common advice I see from growth gurus is: say ‘You’ not ‘I’.

Example: Here’s how you can grow your audience VS here’s how I grew my audience.

I think that advice is 100% wrong.

Let me explain…

People want to follow you because of your experience.

They want to learn what YOU did to get the results they want.

That’s why ‘I’ is more powerful.

And that’s it.

You now know:
• Who you’re writing for
• What they want to know
• How to write in a way that solves their problems from your experiences.

That’s all for today.

If you have any questions, don’t feel shy. Just send me an email back!

Talk soon


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