“I’ll get you 100 booked calls in the next 30 days”

Probably the worst pitch I get.

Hands up if someone has pitched you something like that in the last week…

(You can’t see but my hand is touching the ceiling right now)

Pitches like that are getting more and more common.

And 90% of the time, they’re from people with smaller accounts, who are newer to building their business.

Instead of my usual rant about why these pitches suck…

Today I’ll explain why they don’t work (and what you should do instead).

This is gonna be a long one, but you’ll be glad you read to the end.

Firstly, let’s look at the problems…

Being tortured sounds more enjoyable

Let’s start with the obvious one. For most business owners, having to sit through 100 booked calls in a month is the definition of torture.

I’d rather someone pull my fingernails out with pliers than have to sit through that.


Because I guarantee 100 QUALIFIED booked calls a month is impossible. So the quality of those calls would be absolutely abysmal.

Time is already a problem for most entrepreneurs… Adding in more pressure is a big no-no.

Aside from pitches like this being completely unrealistic, they’re mis-understanding what their ‘ideal client’ actually wants.

What’s the next big problem?

Instant credibility killer

We’ve already discussed how adding 100 qualified booked calls a month is completely unrealistic. But what does that then do to your credibility?

It’s decimated.

When your opening gambit is so far off the mark that people look at your DM in disbelief, there’s no coming back.

You could have 100k engaged followers and it’d still be the same.

If you can’t fulfil what you’re offering, you’re scamming people. It’s that simple.

And shaking that sort of reputation off is next to impossible.

Bad positioning and branding

In a similar vein to the offer, how credible your profile looks is a major indicator of whether you’ll get business or not.

As much as it’s ‘cool’ to be different on social media, fundamentally, you still need to act professionally if you want to win clients.

My business grew like a weed at the start, not because I was insane at closing deals. But because I made my profile, website, and whole call booking experience extremely slick and professional.

I had come from a Fortune 500 background and it showed. And that was in stark contrast to most of my competition at the time.

If you’re sending DM pitches to people, you can be sure the first thing they’ll do is check out your profile.

And if it looks dodgy in any way:

  • Bad profile pic
  • Bio sounds whack
  • Landing page looks like it was built by a 5 year old on crack

Then they’re not gonna respond…

So now we know the main issues, what’s the solution?

Well honestly… It’s very simple.

Understand exactly what your ICP want

This might come as a shock to some people (I’m half-joking…) but the best way to land clients is to simply give them what they want.

And how do you find out that information?

Go and bloody ask them.

Write something like this:

“Hi {name}, my name is {your name} and I’m building a business helping {ICP} to solve {problem}. This isn’t a pitch, far from it.

I appreciate you’re very busy, but I wondered if you’d be open to answering a few questions to help me understand exactly what problems you’re facing, so I’m best placed to help other people in the future.

It’ll only take a few minutes, then I’ll leave you alone!

Would that be okay?”

Some people will say yes, some will ignore you.

That’s just how it goes…

But unless you ask enough people and learn what problems they’re actually facing, you’re not going to be able to craft an offer that they actually need or want.

Get specific with the why & how

The best pitches are super specific on what the outcome will be. If you’ve done your market research like I said above, then you know what problems you need to solve.

Which means you can now focus on the mechanisms you use to solve them.

For example, if you’re working with fitness coaches and their biggest problem is a lack of time to do their own marketing.

You could pitch a range of services:

  • Building systems to help their business run smoother
  • Handle their marketing efforts (email copy, ghostwriting, lead generation)
  • Work as a VA to manage their client communications

Regardless of what service you want to offer.

If you know what the pain point is, you can poke at it.

And at a fundamental level, that’s all marketing is. Poking at the pain, and offering the solution.

Use specific examples to show authority

What do you think would work best as a cold DM?

“I can help you land more clients by taking over your lead gen”


“Hey {name}

I helped {competitor} add {$MRR} in {timeframe} by taking over their lead gen efforts and letting them focus on fulfilment, and running their business.

Are you open to a chat about how I could do the same for you?

Best case scenario, we work together. Worst case scenario, you get a bit of market intel into what your competitors are doing.”

The second one… no doubt.

That last line is an absolute sucker punch and I’m honestly not sure I should be sharing it, but oh well. I’ve written it now and I can’t be bothered to re-write this section.

So there you have it.

If you want to actually get good at outbound, this is the way.

There’s no hack or cheap tricks.

Just being smart and using proven strategies.

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