I’m going to tell you a story about a really nice guy who just wanted to make an impact.

And how in doing so, he completely lost his way, and ended up an abject failure.

This is a real life horror story, and a lesson in why you shouldn’t be focusing on ‘making an impact’, and instead, on building a business that pays you.

Let’s rewind a second, back to early 2023.

Money Twitter was popping off, people growing like weeds, and making money hand over fist. All was good in the world.

But then came a guy who wanted to be different.

He loudly exclaimed “I’m not here to make money, I just want to make an impact”.

And so off he went, writing content to achieve that goal.

Giving away tons of value with every post, free coaching calls, and generally being a really nice guy.

He grew lighting fast (of course he did). Who wouldn’t want to listen to the guy giving away the playbook for free.

Then 6 months in, money got a bit tight.

He realised he needed to start making some cash, and fast, or he’d have to go and get a ‘real job’ again.

So he did what seemed to be the easiest way to make money at the time—he launched a cohort.

The goal of the cohort?

To help other people have more of an impact…

(little bit pyramid-y, if you ask me, but anyway…)

So what happened? Surely his popularity and status as a fast growing account meant that he made thousands of dollars?

Nope. This isn’t that kind of story.

He’d trained his audience to expect free value from him for so long, that when he asked them for money.

Instead of throwing wads of cash at him, overcome by sheer gratitude—as he’d hoped they would…

They might as well have laughed in his face.

The cohort hardly made any sales. Our selfless hero made no money. And just 2 months later he’d completely disappeared from the platform.

So what’s the lesson in all of this? — I hear you ask.

If you want to make money online, you have to get comfortable asking for it.

Throwing value at people in the hope they’ll reciprocate by paying you is a fool’s errand. People don’t make buying decisions based on gratitude, they make buying decisions based on selfish interest.

If it benefits them, they’ll buy.

But if you’re giving them everything for free, why would they bother paying?

Plus you need to think about how likely someone is to take action from free advice.

I’ve been there myself… You download an ‘ultimate guide’ to something, yet a week later it’s sat rotting in your Notion, never getting another look in.

When you charge for information, even a nominal amount—people are WAY more likely to read, absorb, and action the advice.


They have skin in the game.

They’ve paid for it, they need to justify the cost by getting value from it.

So there you have it…

If you want to have a real positive impact on people, start by having a positive impact on yourself.

Because you can’t help anyone when you’re broke.

Oh, and what became of our selfless hero?

He now writes misogynistic redpill trash on X because he’s so angry at the world for not giving him money.

And mean people like me make fun of him in their emails.

And with that horror story hopefully firmly imprinted in your brain, don’t make the same mistake.

Thank me later,