Platitudes are a trap.

A little dopamine hit of likes keeping you coming back over and over again.

What’s the problem with that?” you ask.

If you dig into your analytics you’ll see exactly why…

While platitudes generate a ton of likes and views they lead to hardly any profile views.

And profile views is the only important metric when it comes to follower growth.


Profile views = opportunity for a viewer to convert

AND when someone clicks through to your profile from a post.

That post gets a nice big boost in the algorithm.

The problem with platitudes is they feed your ego.

Everyone wants to feel liked.

And when a post get tons of likes and views thats exactly how you feel.

So you think:

“This platitude worked great, I’m gonna write more like that”

And before you know it.

All you’re writing is surface level shit.

No depth.
No value.
Just engagement bait.

And your account slowly becomes a steaming hot pile of garbage.

It’s a feedback loop causing your content quality to drop.

And that’s a recipe for disaster.

So what should you do instead?

I’m not telling you to completely stop writing platitudes.

They’re like candy.

You wouldn’t want to eat them every meal but sometimes you just want a sugary snack to nibble on.

But to do that you need a balanced content diet.

Have at least 2 value posts for 1 platitude.

They don’t get as many likes.

But they get more profile views and therefore more followers.

Most people are chasing virality because it’s hard to grow.

But doing that is only making it harder.

Think smart.

When shallow, cheap, garbage content is everywhere…

Write high value posts instead.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Charlie out ✌️