Last week something unexpected and truly remarkable happened…

The UK had a sunny day.

Now sure, it might not sound like much if you live in a warm country.

But for us cold weather folk, it’s a cause for celebration.

So what do you do when the sun comes out?

Maybe go to the beach.

Maybe go for a walk.

Not me…

My girlfriend decided it was time to “un-f*ck the garden”.

(We’re not exactly avid gardeners, can you tell?)

I mowed the lawn first.

Easy enough.

But then it was time to pressure wash the patio.

Now in case you’ve never done that before, let me explain how mind numbing it is…

You have a tiny jet of water about 5cm wide, and you need to painstakingly run it over every inch of stone.

If you miss a spot, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

30 minutes in and I’d already lost the will to live.

But it did make me realise something…

Pressure washing is about as enjoyable as cold outreach.

(At least the patio doesn’t tell you to f*ck off)

And it was for that simple reason, that when I started my business 18 months ago.

I built an inbound lead gen system that meant all I needed to do was write content and through the magic of landing pages and automations.

I had qualified leads book calls in my calendar.

Now of course there’s a bit more to it than that… but you get my point.

When something sucks.

Find another way to get the same result.

Fast forward to today, and that system helped me scale my writing business above $100k revenue in my first year.

And it’s got similar results for my clients.

I’m running a small paid workshop, teaching that exact system and how to build it for yourself.

Spots are limited, but If you’re interested.

Reply “workshop” and I’ll send you the details.

Until next time,
Charlie ‘gardening sucks’ Bennett