Products won’t make you rich unless you have a big audience.

If you’re under 5k followers the fastest way to make money on X is with a service business.

Let’s be real here.

Big creators have two huge advantages over smaller creators:

1) Distribution
2) Market knowledge

Both are important.

But number 2 is the key one here.

If you want to launch a product and make crazy money you need to nail your positioning.

Making sure you’re solving a real problem your customers have.

Not just making something YOU think will sell.

Hint: It never does.

When your reach is small it’s extremely hard to get this data.

You need access to your ideal clients to be able to ask them in the first place.

So you follow the solopreneur cycle…

Service Business -> Coaching -> Products

Each step of the way learning everything you can about your ideal client.

Most importantly: Their frequently asked questions.


These questions are going to become the backbone of your products.

That way you’re solving real problems that many people have.

And THAT is how you make a ton of money from products.

Learn -> Solve -> Create -> Sell

Learn the solution before you sell something that’ll flop.

Cya tomorrow,