My mum likes flowers.

She likes flowers so much she went to a flower show last week.

Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse.

I’d rather sit next to a screaming baby on a flight than go to a show about plants.

But my mum… She came home having spent £100 on some ‘special’ flower food.

When she told me all I was thinking was “WTF mum what a waste of money”. But for her it wasn’t.

And it gave me a sudden realisation:

Just because one person doesn’t see value in a product doesn’t mean another person won’t.

In other words:

Be specific with how you position your product/service. You don’t need to target everyone to get a sale. In fact you’ll sell way less that way.

All you need is to find your ideal customer profile and take your product to them.

These jokers selling £100 flower food had their positioning NAILED.

Not only were they at a flower show. But their stand was next to the exhibit for a specific type of plant. The same plant they sold the food for.

And guess what they’d grown that plant with?

Their bloody flower food…

So they were:

1) Niched down
2) Positioned perfectly to make a sale
3) Had a case study incase anyone had an objection

Here’s the kicker:

The exact same lessons can be applied to X.

If you can’t get clients.

Don’t blame the algo.

Blame your positioning and sales funnel.

That’s all for today.

Plants are stupid,