For a while I’ve been obsessed with this idea of having a ‘creator business’.

But I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly that meant.

To me, a creator is someone who gets paid directly from making content:

  • Author
  • Youtuber
  • Podcaster

Their content pays them through book sales, or ad revenue.

But that’s not what 99% of the ‘creators’ on X are doing.

We’re not making ad revenue, we’re not best selling authors.

We’re creating content that drives traffic towards an offer.

That’s not content creation.

It’s plain old marketing.

So I’m gonna go out and say it.

Calling yourself a creator is a limiting belief.

There’s a stigma attached to saying you’re an entrepreneur.

You think you need to be hyper successful to use the title.

But the truth is, what you’re doing right now is entrepreneurship.

Now you might be thinking “sure, but why does any of this matter?”

When you consider yourself a creator, you care FAR too much about engagement and followers.

This is something I’ve personally had to grapple with.

When I scaled back my ghostwriting business a few months to put in place systems and processes, I started checking my follower count every day.

It did my head in.

Became an obsession.

But now I’ve built back up…

I don’t care again.

Obviously growth feels nice, but that’s all it does. Feels nice.

Because when you have an offer or business, social media is ONLY a traffic source.

Nothing else.

10 new followers won’t get you paid.

But 10 new leads from that traffic will.

It’s a mental separation I think everyone needs to get better at.

Because if you feel like, if your audience isn’t growing then your business isn’t…

You’re gonna have a bad time.

And all of that happened for me because I was a ‘creator’.

Today I call myself what I am: an entrepreneur.

And my relationship with my audience is soooo much healthier.

I share knowledge because it enjoy helping people. Not because I’m trying to chase more followers or vanity metrics.

So if you’re stuck in that cycle of checking your follower count everyday, I want you to do this:

  1. Take a step back
  2. Realise your audience isn’t your business
  3. Focus on growing your income first

When you escape the creator mentality and embrace the entrepreneurial mind.

You’re far more effective (and happy as a result).

That’s all for today.

I wanted to share this as if I struggled with it, I’m sure other people did too.

Stop thinking like a creator.

Start thinking like an entrepreneur.