There’s a word I hate.

Occasionally I see it on my timeline and it makes me vomit a little into my mouth.

The word?


Teachers (aka, the people who only post value content) love to throw it around like it has some profound meaning.

Or that by having an impact on their audience, people will throw money at them in adoration.

The truth is…

They’ve got it completely fucking wrong.

And their missing the number 1 most powerful way to both:

  • Get paid (and handsomely at that)
  • Actually have an impact on their audience’s businesses

I’m talking about baiting the hook with insight.

A powerful way to approach content that not only helps your readers understand their business problems, but makes it so they actively want to pay you for the solution.

Firstly let’s start with some definitions:

Value based content = telling them what to do
Insight based content = helping them understand why their problem exists

For example:

Value = 3 types of content that get you clients
Insight = Why posting value content is scaring away clients

And as common as value based content is (literally everywhere on LinkedIn or X).

It’s not helping you (or your audience) one bit…

You don’t build trust or authority in your market.

And the few followers you gain are mostly freebie seekers anyway.

Flip it around…

Insight content shows your audience two things:

  • You deeply understand their problem
  • And you can likely help them solve it

And most importantly…

When you make an ask at the end, like ‘buy my product’.

They’re already primed to do so because they know it’ll help them quickly.

Basically… you have an actual tangible impact on their business.

Not just giving them another ‘value’ post to bookmark and never look at again.

Now you know what to do, go out and make some damn money…

Talk tomorrow,