I can’t go more than 20 seconds currently without seeing someone quitting because their content isn’t getting any engagement.

And although the algo isn’t in a great spot, I have a sneaky suspicion it’ll improve soon.

But that’s a whole topic on its own.

Today I’m going to tell you the 3 cardinal sins I believe are the primary reason why your content may not be performing as well.

So grab a coffee, notepad, and a pen.

Let’s begin with our first cardinal sin…

Sitting on the fence

Now there’s nothing good about sitting on the fence.

And aside from having a large chunk of wood poking uncomfortably between your legs…

You’re also showing that you don’t have enough belief in yourself to take a side.

When you’re posting on social media, if you’re not willing to take a side on things you believe in, you’re going to be drowned out by people who do.


Because humans are tribal creatures. We crave acceptance.

And when you pick a side, you’ll naturally attract people who think the same.

But how do you show those people that you really know your stuff?

Well that’s the topic of our second cardinal sin…

Not talking from experience

This is where most beginners go wrong (including me when I first started), and the quicker you can learn this, the better.

Only write about topics you have first hand experience in.

Sure, you might have read every marketing book under the sun and think you’re the sales page copywriting master.

But unless you’ve written a sales page that’s gotten sales, you’re not qualified to talk about it.

It’s all about trust and authority.

And if you’re talking out of your a$$, you get found out pretty quick.

All it takes is an actual expert to comment and disprove you, and your authority is gone.

Like a fart in the wind…

So talk from experience, not from theory.

You don’t need to know everything under the sun about a topic.

But if you’re talking about your own experiences (even if minimal), you’ll be building trust.

Right… you’re taking a side and speaking from experience.

Time for our final cardinal sin…

Not being infotaining

People come to social media for 2 reasons:

  1. To learn
  2. To be entertained

The people who grow the fastest, make the most money, and generally have the best time building on socials, make infotainment look like a fine art.

Now if you have the personality of beige paint, I’m sorry to hear that…

But from experience, most people are pretty fun.

Whether they choose to show it or not is another matter.

I’m a perfect example of this.

For months I wrote like a buttoned up old man.

  • Not showing off my personality
  • Being very careful what I wrote so I didn’t offend anyone
  • Generally playing it very safe

What happened?

The audience I built didn’t really care about me, they just saw me as a commodity to learn from.

BUT… (and it’s a juicy one)

When I started to unleash my personality on my poor, unsuspecting audience.

Not only did I start to grow faster, but I also started to get more clients come to me wanting to work together.

That’s infotainment in a nutshell.

Personality + knowledge = money.

Now with all that in mind, I’m currently putting together a course showing you:

  • The simple writing techniques top creators use to make their content irresistible.
  • How to get more engagement than accounts 10x your size (without writing stupid platitudes)
  • How to attract a high-quality audience of buyers instead of a bloated audience full of bots

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That’s all for today.

Speak to you tomorrow,