Over the last month I’ve been conducting an experiment and I’m ready to share the results…

Most growth/money accounts on X give this advice:

1) Comment on accounts in your niche

2) Write about one topic only

Those are also the same accounts who can’t grow at all in the new algorithm. Or if they are growing, are writing 400+ comments per day to do so.

And no… that’s not an exaggeration (how do they find the time).

I’ve always been a bit of a troublemaker. In school I hated being told what to do. I left my job because I hated doing things ‘the way we’ve always done it’.

So naturally I called BS on these tactics and have been trying something new. And guess what?

It’s working amazingly…

First you need to understand why Money X is stagnant. I’ll lay it out quickly:

• Everyone is targeting the same ICP (creators)

• People are optimizing for engagement, not authority

• They think they can brute force their way to growth (they can’t)

So what should you do instead?

Well it depends on your niche. I’ll use myself as an example.

I target entrepreneurs. Creators are a subset of that. Creators make up a tiny proportion of people on X. So why would I target a tiny audience when I can go after entrepreneurs as a whole.

That is where my experience and knowledge are after all.

But I started going after the creator crowd because that’s what all the growth gurus were doing (and because it worked).

Now that’s drying up, instead of pivoting, most people are doubling down.

That’s like trying to punch your way through a brick wall instead of simply walking around it.

Completely moronic..

Now I share largely the same content but to ‘entrepreneurs’ instead of ‘creators’. Now you might think there’s no difference but there 100% is.

This is a mass overgeneralization… but people who call themselves creators tend to be younger, and people who call themselves entrepreneurs tend to be a bit older (late 20s onwards) and also have more money.

So logically, who’s the best group to target? Entrepreneurs.

And it goes deeper than that.

I’ve found posts that include the words ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘entrepreneurship’ get more impressions than posts with ‘creator’.

And this is where everyones been going wrong.

They’ve been trying to look at the algo like it’s some crazy indecipherable enigma with a mind of its own.

But fundamentally it has to categorize content and send it to people it thinks will appreciate it.

So here’s the results of my experiment laid bare:

1) Creator niche is too crowded with low quality

2) If you want to make money, target ‘entrepreneurs’ with smarter content

3) Use keywords in your content like:

• Entrepreneurship

• Startup

• Business

Oh and here’s another thing that’ll make you happy…

10-15 high quality, intelligent comments will significantly outperform 100+ trash or meme comments on other creators.

If you want to build a bigger audience or business, look outside your bubble.