7th time’s a charm.

That’s what I was taught by a former mentor who made over $15M in sales.

What do I mean by that?

It takes 7 touches to turn a prospect into a lead.

I’m not suggesting you start petting your followers (that would be weird).

When I say touches, I mean points of connection with you.

That could be:

  • Social content
  • Newsletter emails
  • Personalised DMs


Because when they need someone to solve their problem.

You’re the only person they think of.

My client saw this recently when a huge $250k deal landed. He asked the client why they picked to work with him.

Their answer?

“I kept seeing your content pop up on LinkedIn, and I had to check you out”

When you write regular targeted content—you attract an audience of buyers.

And with that in mind…

I’m planning to organise a workshop on how to attract high-paying clients from the content you write.

Teaching the strategies I’ve used to build my own multi 6-figure business, as well as generate over $400k for clients.

If you’d be interested in attending, write me a quick message back saying “workshop”.

Until next time,