Watching my friends across the pond have a minor meltdown about the debate certainly made for some light entertainment over my morning coffee today.

And regardless of whether you care about politics or not…

I think we can all agree that last night was a car crash for Joe Biden.

The mumbling finally caught up to him on the world’s biggest stage.

His credibility crumbling around him (much like his chances of getting re-elected)

And there’s a VERY important business lesson we can take from this.

You can’t persuade people to buy if no-one can understand wtf you’re trying to say.

How you position yourself on LinkedIn or X is no different.

If your messaging isn’t clear…

You’re stuffed.

I see it everyday when I’m scrolling through the timeline.

Industry experts, struggling to get leads because when their ideal client stumbles across their profile.

There’s so much fluff and corporate crap that they run away faster than Usain Bolt.

No one cares what you did 10 years ago.

What they care about is how you can help them now.

And you need to explain it in plain english.

Ditch the buzz words and give it to them straight.

If you’re a fitness coach, say you’re a fitness coach.

If you’re a cold email expert, say you’re a cold email expert.

Because the clearer you can communicate your ideas, the more likely you are to convert your followers into clients.

Today is your last chance to join the Leads Not Likes workshop.

I’ll be covering:

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  • How to automatically qualify them so you don’t talk to tire kickers

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