It’s the start of a new week and you know what that means…

5 beautiful days to get a new client.

In this email I’m going to talk you through the strategy that helped me get my first few clients.

And ultimately get me from $0 to around $5k/month.

More than enough to quit your job, or just live a more comfortable life.

But before we dive in…

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Sheer blind panic…

That’s what I felt when I quit my job.

Well, there was a lot of excitement as well. But the thought of getting clients for a skill (ghostwriting) that I had very little (read: no) experience in was daunting to say the least.

So I went back to principles I’d been taught during my recruitment career:

  1. Network like your life depends on it.
  2. Offer more value to them than you’re asking for in return.

Sounds simple, but the reality is of course more complicated.

I receive about 5 DMs a day from people trying to sell me something, or just straight up asking for my time without giving anything in return.

Guess what happens to those DMs?

They end up rotting in my deleted messages folder.

But occasionally a DM catches my eye and it gets opened. That’s exactly what happened last week when an up and coming ghostwriter messaged me asking if I’d jump on a networking call with him.

He did something I very rarely see on X.

Instead of hitting me up with a DM out of the blue, he spent 2-3 months religiously commenting on my content.

So when I opened up my DMs, I instantly recognised his profile pic and opened the message up.

Long story short, we had a great call.

But the point of the story is that he took time and effort to give me value (engagement) and only once he’d done that for a decent period of time did he even think to ask for a call.

The same approach can be used for getting clients.

Instead of sending out an automated cold DM to every poor sucker in a 200 mile range with the words “CEO” or “Founder” in the their bio, build a list of people you’d love to work with.

Some call this a Dream 100 list, I don’t think it needs a name. The point is to aggregate a list of potential clients in one place so you can power network.

Then spend 60 mins every day religiously engaging with them.

Once you’ve been commenting for a few weeks, send them a message.


A simple “hey, I love your content, how come you started writing on X?”

They respond… and you still don’t pitch.

Your job is simply to keep them talking, and you won’t do that by hitting them over the head with a ‘super duper Hormozi grandslam offer’ in the second message.

Get to know them.

Understand the things they’re actually struggling with, then offer to jump on a networking call.

Give them genuine help, and only then do you talk about what you do.

I got my first two clients this way.

The second one’s exact words were:

“Look, you’re really good at this and I don’t really have time to learn. Do you just want to do it for me?”

And he became a client for 9 months, and is still a good friend.


You get the best clients by being nice and normal. They’re less likely to churn out, more likely to work with you if you have a down month, and are just more enjoyable to work with.

Hope you enjoyed this edition.

Go forth and get clients!

Talk soon,

Charlie’s House, London, SW1 1AA
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