I was the naughty kid in school.

I’d often spend more time waiting outside the classroom to come back in after ‘disrupting the class’ than I did inside.

Now I’ll admit, I was a handful.

But I vividly remember one time where Mrs Girudet, my maths teacher, sent me out before I’d even entered the classroom.

I’d done nothing. But she didn’t care, she didn’t have the patience to deal with me…

…My reputation had well and truly bit me in the ass.

Years later, I see this play out every day online.

People writing viral content to chase followers, blissfully unaware that they’re destroying their personal brand’s reputation before they’ve had the chance to earn even a single dollar from it.

Because when you write to go viral what you’re subconsciously communicating to your audience is that you don’t have much value to share.

Which in turn gives you absolutely ZERO authority.

Not great when you want to monetize…

So what should they do instead?

You need to write content that shows off just how much of an expert you are.

Most of all, you need to show your audience how you’ve helped other people achieve their dream outcome.

Do that right, and you’ll achieve your dream outcome… $$$

Talk to you soon,
Charlie ‘get out of my classroom’ Bennett