When I started posting on X two years ago there was one word that ruled the roost.


Which on its own means completely nothing.

It’s an empty word.

That’s because to define value, you need to understand what your audience finds valuable.

99% of the time, the value they seek is your insight.

You see people choose to follow based on what they can learn from you.

If the ‘value’ is the same basic information they can get from anyone else, there’s no reason to follow.

But inject your own insights and it’s a different matter.

Without a doubt, my best posts for follower growth are when I share an insight from building my business.

Something I’ve learned the hard way, not read in a book.

Kieran Drew said the same when we spoke.

He told me his follower count really took off when he released his first product and started sharing what he’d learned.

That insight, earned the hard way, is the difference between growing and stagnating.

It’s a simple shift from “here’s how to do X”…

To “here’s how I did X”.

So if you want to be seen as an expert.

Share your experience.

Not random information anyone could find from a simple Google search.

Until next time,