I still remember my first month writing online.

I thought I was hot sh*t.

But every time I hit post, I got a nice firm reality check.

Zero likes.

Zero comments.

Zero interest whatsoever.


Many of my clients struggle with this problem before they work with me.

They’re experts in their field with all the credentials to back it up.

But still, no-one seems to care what they have to say.

Here’s the reality…

When you first start writing online, it’s f*cking brutal.

And if you want to get any traction whatsoever, you have two options:

1. Be patient and ‘trust the process’’
2. Brute force it

I’m personally not the patient type.

I like seeing quick results.

If you’re like me, here’s what you need to do:

1. Create a list of similar sized accounts in your niche

2. Engage with their posts

3. Track which ones engage back

4. Cut the ones who don’t

If they don’t comment back, delete their asses. You want to build a symbiotic relationship.

It’s painful af.

But it works.

Now for the big twist.

*drumroll please*

Engagement isn’t actually that important.

Likes & shares don’t put food on the table.

Sure, there’s an argument for social proof.

But there’s something much more powerful than that when you want to monetise your audience.

Actual proof…

Case studies, client results, testimonials.

So decide what’s important to you.

Making money, or just looking like you’re making money.

I’ll leave you with that thought…

Talk soon,