Most people suck at lead gen.

Not because their offer is bad.

It’s usually because their positioning is.

And at the start of this year that person was me.

I started out with dreams of making it big.

“I’m going to make $150k this year”

That didn’t happen lmao.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve done well.

Revenue is around $80k for the year and I’ll break $100k before we hit 2024.

But it could have been MUCH MUCH more if I’d done this…

To explain I’ll need to explain positioning vs offers

What’s the difference?

Positioning = Who you’re targeting and how you’re targeting them

Offer = What you’re giving them in return for their hard earned cash

99% of newbies hyperfocus on their offer.

They’ve read the Hormozi book and crafted the PERFECT offer…

‘I’ll get you 10k followers in 3 months or I’ll work for free until you do’

Hang on…

Doesn’t every ghostwriter have some version of that dogsh*t offer?

Why yes…

Yes they do.

So when everyone has the same offer how can you possibly stand out?

The answer of course is positioning.

Rather than promising some unrealistic guarantee.

Find a market that isn’t being served.

A great example of this that I’ve seen growing fast recently is educational email ghostwriters

These guys spotted a gap in the market and exploited it.

They’re making people more money by creating courses for them.

And making a ton of cash themselves in the process.

All while not competing with anyone else.

So if you’re struggling to find clients, you’re likely focused on the wrong thing.

Stop trying to create the perfect offer and find the perfect positioning.

I guarantee you’ll make a ton more money.

Until next time,
Charlie OUT ✌️