3 months ago I was stressed to f*ck.

I had this business that had grown faster than I could have ever imagined.

Making more money than I ever thought possible.

Yet I was miserable.

By most people standards I had the dream life:

• Work for myself
• Making over 6-figures a year
• From a laptop at home

But what they didn’t see was the mental impact.

Entrepreneurship isn’t always pretty.

I was sat in a room all day starting at a laptop writing content not just for myself, but for 6 clients.

Hustling has it’s place but when you do it non-stop it causes havoc on your mind.

And that’s where I was.

Sat on my sofa with a mountain of work starting at me and a tidal wave of anxiety racing towards me.

So I stood up and walked out my front door.

And didn’t stop for 9 miles.

The next day I got out of bed, walked to my desk, and smashed out all my work in a couple of hours.

It was transformational.

And the best part?

My creativity was turned up to 11.

Once you realise that freedom and happiness are the most important factors, NOT purely income, your business will evolve for the better.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Go for a walk,