I’ve been couch bound with a particularly nasty bout of Covid for the last week.

But that wasn’t even the worst thing…

That would be the truly ropey advice I’ve seen on X from self proclaimed lead gen experts.

It pains my soul to read some of this crap.

Let me give you some examples:

  1. Send as many DMs as you can
  2. The best message is “Hey NAME, are you interested in XYX”

Wrong and wrong.

They’re missing the key element to outreach:


Not a university degree (who needs them anyway…).

I’m talking about qualifying your prospect as to whether they could benefit from your offer or not.

Because if you’re trying to pitch people who don’t need your offer…

You’re gonna have a bad time.

So before you send a single ‘Hi’.

Build a list of prospects who fit your ideal client profile.

Your hit rate will be much higher, you’ll have more fun doing it, and you’ll make more money.

So don’t work harder. Work smarter.

And stop sending crappy cold DMs.

Talk soon,

P.s. If you’d be interested in an outreach mini-course, let me know and I’ll build it. I produced over $1.3MM of outreach sales in my old job so I know a thing or two.