18 months ago I started my business.

8 months later I’d made my first $100k.

I don’t say that to boast.

(There’s people who have made TONS more than me in that time).

But rather to show how easy it can be to make money online if you’re smart about it.

I wouldn’t say I had any specific skills.

I’d only had sales jobs before and hated doing outreach.

Yet I found it easy to get clients.


I started a business that made people richer.

My business of choice was ghostwriting for Entrepreneurs and CEOs, but it really doesn’t matter what you want to do.

Your only objective needs to be an offer that makes your client richer.

The best bit?

You only need one client to turn your business into a $10k/mo+ enterprise.

Nail it for them, write your process up as a case study, and post it everywhere…

You’ll have more clients than you’ll know what to do with.

Talk soon,


I’m putting a small paid group together, helping entrepreneurs attract high-paying clients from their content.

Teaching the strategies I’ve used to build my own multi 6-figure business, as well as generate over $400k in leads for clients.

If you’d be interested in attending, write me a quick message back saying “workshop”.